Thursday, May 16, 2013

Late "Spring" Cleaning, Early Summer Planning (and a little summer complaining as well)

    Bonjour! You can definitely tell it's summer around here, folks. Highs in the 80s, sweat pouring off of you when you go outside for 5 minutes, and my ever-favorite sign... NO HOMEWORK. No research papers, mile-long readings, or transiting to campus every day. Life really is good after all ;) .

     And since I have been blessed with this blessed free time (as long as it lasts, which soon won't be for long), I have decided to make use of my crafty inclinations and DO SOMETHING CRAFTY. Which you will get to see in my next post (easy does it though. it's a bit of a STICKY situation :) ).

For now though,  I have selected some random images for your delightful amusement.  They consist of Sassy deterring and/or halting me from my albeit late "spring" cleaning, which I accomplished (thank my spotless floors!) over the course of the day yesterday (you can tell from the mess underneath her *ahem*, slightly plump cat body, just how bad it was getting. A few (full) scattered notebooks, select college textbooks (a shoutout to that painfully bulky Educational Psychology monster in the left image), and torn/bent/over-worked folders complete the look my bedroom has been styling since, say, about last week or so. Maybe the week before, who knows. And that isn't even all the mess. But anyway, it is oh-so-good to be back on blogging, and hopefully bringing more bloggity goodness to Coral Reef fans everywhere. :)

P.S. She's laying on what used to be my drawer liner. Got to find a way to get that to stay secured...

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