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Organization: "Neat Freak"iness or the Key to Your  Success?
A Creature Club Member Report  by Emma

Did you know that you spend one year of your life looking for lost items? It's true...and the cause of most of that? Disorganization. While some people have it together when it comes to getting a homework assignment in on time, having a check ready to cash, or having a document ready to print, many do not. Many would say that organization has nothing to do with these things, but in most cases, it has almost everything to do with these things. Organization also shows respect and maturity to others and prepares you for bigger things in life, such as running a business.
So how can you be organized? It's simply a matter of having a place for everything and everything staying in it's place. But, as many think, that does not mean you have to be a "neat freak". For example, having a folder or filing system for homework or important papers, keeping files organized so you know what to look for on your computer, keeping your clothes and accessories color coded, and keeping a calendar handy with important dates. The Internet and books are great sources for organization tips and guides. Just remember, organization can be your key to success!

Organizing Your Closet

Got a favorite shirt that you keep losing deep in the recesses of your closet? Want to access your clothes easier? If so, I recommend color-coding your closet. You can easily find the garment you want simply by its color. I color- coded my closet a while ago, and it has made finding an outfit to wear so much simpler. You can organize it even further, by putting casual garments in the color group at the front, and dressier garments at the back of the color group. Or, you can put short sleeves at the front, and long sleeves at the back of each color group. You will find it much easier to navigate in your wardrobe. It will also give your room a splash of each color.

Keeping Track of Yarn

So you see an adorable skein of yarn at the store and you think, "Hm, I bet I could make something with that", only you don't realize until later how much yarn and how little space you have to put it. Or maybe you just throw it in a drawer or in the closet. You go back to look for that yarn you had to have, but you can't find it. This is where organization can be your best friend.

To rid you of the missing and cluttered yarn scenario, try using a basket to keep it all together and organized. Buying  cheap baskets at secondhand stores, such as Goodwill, will allow you to have your yarn in a nice orderly fashion, and will also allow you to help the community. It can give your room a fresh-out-of-a-magazine look, and you will have no trouble finding that cute ball of yarn.

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  1. neat info! my closet used to be pretty organized...