Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Creature Vacations: Part 1: Snowy Locations

Snowy Locations

  • Antarctica: Play with penguins, build frosty snowmen, and visit camps.
  • Falkland Islands: Visit museums, see the only forest in the Falklands, and view penguins and seals.
  • Greenland: Snow, snow, snow.


  • The Rocky Mountains (US, Canada): Beautiful views await in the U.S.
  • Matterhorn (Italy, Switzerland): Is one of the best known mountains in the world.
  • Sajama (Bolivia): This mountain is actually a volcano, but is still one of the most beautiful.
  • Mount Tai (China): One of the five most important mountains in China.
  • Mount Shuksan (Washington): One of the most photographed moutains in the Cascades.
  • Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota): Home of the four presidential mountain-carved physiognomies.
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona): Ok, so it's not a mountain. But it's pretty close.
Due to an ominously approaching deadline, details are not included in this description. More details will be provided for those who choose a destination in Snowy Locations or Mountains.

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