Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Make your own any-occasion card

Recently, I've gotten tired of store- bought cards. They don't express you as much as hand-made cards can. So, I decided to start doing my own cards using paint as my medium. First, I cut a regular piece of paper in half, then folded each half in half. I also used notecards to give a layer effect.  Then, I painted the front side of the paper in a gradient or pattern with a large brush. This way, the front of the card won't be too busy. The notecard held the details and actual pictures. I lightly dabbed the background with watered-down paint, then dabbed at the paint with a napkin. That ensured a soft depth.  This was done with a smaller brush.  Tempera paint dries quickly if there's not a lot of paint on an area, so once I was done with the notecard, the paper was already pretty much dry. While the notecard dried, I wrote the message inside the card. Then, it was time to go over the notecard with markers. As shown, using markers after painting can elaborate on the details and even correct some painting errors. 
Some details can be outlined, and I drew in the eye and beak on the bird. After everything had dried, I double-sided the tape, and attached the notecards to the corresponding cards. And... voila! I'm done. These cards can be made for any occassion, and with the right patterns and pastel colors, they make good Spring Greetings cards. Add a chick or a bunny to finish it off.  Receivers of the cards can remove the notecards to use as bookmarks, or trade them between friends.

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  1. Awesome! (And I was lucky enough to receive one of those original handmade cards!) :)

    BTA! (Birdies Triumph Again! ;) )