Friday, April 6, 2012

Bad days, dead ends, and ego deflation

Today I was having a very off-day. At first, it didn't seem like it, but it was one of those things where you go through the whole day, then realize at the end what a bust it was. I did, however, feel good about all the calling we did. It seemed like the perfect thing to do on Good Friday. It's funny how no one wants to believe that there is something to Christianity, yet most schools have that day off as a "Spring Holiday". To me, there's just something  messed up about that. Seriously though, there is no better way to spend Easter than in a church service. You may think that it would be boring and lame, but many, many people break down on their church-distancing thing to attend a service, and you feel very good about it. There's a feeling that kind of goes around on Easter, just like a sense of hope or something. There is no way I would rather celebrate it by.

I've been trying to get this dress made for I don't even know how long, but I always come to a wall. I need to get working on it. I find motivation to be the key to every lock, only sometimes, it seems like it's the key I'm always putting in wrong.

Ego. It's something every human has, and can be
the biggest thing in the world. At least for some people it seems that way. Maybe the world would be better without it. It is something that is too often abused, too often used. And I'm one of those people. The smallest thing can fire it up, but it takes a bigger thing to put it out. Like mopping. If there were two things that I could ask for myself and get, it would be wisdom and patience. Patience to deal with others' egos, and wisdom to keep mine in check.  When you do things that you know you shouldn't do, you are hurting God. You must tell Him what you did, apologize, and promise never to do it again. And you must mean it. If you do, He will forgive you. Just like His Son. He didn't have to. It wasn't His fault that we sinned. Yet He died for us, because He loves us. The least we can do is attend an Easter service. Maybe invite a few friends.

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