Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lizard eyes, rad rugs, junk drawers, big plans

I just learned from sis#2  that lizards have hair on their eyeballs. The truth of this fact to me, is still unknown, because, really, who wants to find out that their lizard is looking at them through HAIR?!? Ick. Just thinking about my hairy-eyed baby makes me want to puke.

I never realized how much a rug can add to a room. Every time I get a rug, I just have this happy, completed feeling.  Like my room just got a big dose of fab-ness. I should get rugs more often.

Something I didn't notice as much until recently is what a recycleholic I've become. Seriously, I have a dresser drawer full of cardboard, old boxes, and even parts of an old binder. Besides that, I have a closet full of recyclables, and a locker filled to the brim with poptart boxes. And I plan to use it all. Someday.

Anyway, I have great plans for Easter. We're gonna get some Easter recipes, crafts, and ideas, as well as deeper meanings of Easter on this here blog. It's gonna be fabsolutely AWESOME!!! So be sure to tune in during the week up till Easter. Until then, I gotta get hoppin'.

1 comment:

  1. Hairy-eyed Lizards...learn something new everyday...

    Haha, "And I plan to use it all. Someday." ;)

    Can't wait for the Easter goodies!