Monday, April 2, 2012

Bday continued

Got the rest of mis regalos 2nite. They were as follows: 4 packets of Burpee seeds (2 seashell mix, 1 psyche white, and 1... habanero hot pepper! Yummo! Can't wait to harvest that one!), a big pink zebra print rug, and zebra print sheets.

Along with the treats came a trick. I was getting ready to blog when all of a sudden, a virus alert popped up on my screen, and I start freaking out. I'm not even kidding, I know what viruses can do to a computer, and I know what Trojan horses can do (besides destroying my beloved Hektor's home city of Troy). This virus alert happened to be a trojan horse. Window after window popped up, saying "slasher rules" and such terrifying messages that viruses offer. Fortunately, my father happens to know a lot about computers, and he got back, and starts telling me to click "ok" over and over, and "don't let it get ahead of you!" I was clicking as fast as my poor, teeny tiny fingers  can go. Then, all of a sudden, a whole bunch of windows pop up that say "April Fools!" Now I am at the teary point, freaking out that the computer was going to crash and take me with it. And in the midst of it, my father starts laughing. I go crazy and ask, "Is this some kind of joke?!" He replies by intensifying his laughter. Suddenly, the emotion of the moment was overwhelming, and when that happens, nearly every female opens the flood gates. I was so relieved, because the computer was going to be all right, but at the same time, I got very, very angry. WHAT KIND OF A JOKE WAS THIS, ANYWAY?!?! He scared the hard drives out of me!!! He tries to give me a hug, but the only thing going thru my mind is, "It's a joke, It's a joke, It's a joke. I CAN"T BELIEVE I JUST GOT APRIL FOOLED, AND WITH A FAKE VIRUS TO BOOT!! He said it was payback for getting him (I had taped the sprayer on the kitchen sink so that when you turn on the water, BAM!, you get sprayed with water until you recover enough to turn off the faucet). Anyway, he was the first to use the sink after I taped it, and yeah, he got the water treatment. And the best part? He thought my sister did it. She wakes up to "It must be unofficial April Fool's Day today", goes out there and says, "What's going on?" "Don't play coy with me!" he replies. He thought it was pretty funny. And the whole time, I'm with mi otra hermana, laughing and laughing and laughing. It was great. Finally, he found out that it was my genius who rigged the faucet, but I had no idea that he was planning revenge.  I had also stuck a plastic fly in his tea, so I guess all of that amounted to a trick as big as the one he pulled on me. But don't tell him I said that.  Anyway, thanks to all you who sent me sum'n sum'n, and thanks for tuning in to "Life As A Genius". We'll see you next time, but until then, remember: Brains Triumph Again!!!


  1. Haha, BTA! Wow, what an amazing night! Sounds like you got some great presents out of it though (and a not so great prank! ;) ) Once again, Happy Birthday!

  2. I thought it was a pretty funny joke. Unfortunately, I'm not very good at pranking. :( Oh well. I guess I could always "punch the highway" as it were.