Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolate Roses

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, so if you  haven't gotten your sweetheart something, Coral Reef might be able to help out. While looking at Valentine's Day things on Pinterest, I came across these homemade roses using chocolate Kisses as flowers. The following is pretty much the same craft that I found.
Hershey Kiss Roses Tutorial...great for Valentines Day.
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Wooden skewers
Chocolate Kisses (two for each skewer)
Plastic wrap
Green construction paper


1. Place a piece of tape on the bottom of one Kiss, and stick the flat part of a second Kiss on top.

2. Cut a small square of plastic wrap, wrap it neatly around the Kisses, and tape to the top of the skewer.

3.  Draw several small  leaves on green paper, cut them out, then glue along the skewer. Repeat for as many roses as you wish.You can also paint the skewers green for stems. Give to your Valentine, and enjoy!

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