Monday, January 7, 2013

2012's Most Popular

Had enough fun yet? With Coral Reef Island's first year came over 100 posts, varying from holiday recipes to cat houses, crafty crafts to lizard eyes, and gift ideas to adventure-seeking golf balls. And out of those sprung Coral Reef Island's Most Popular Posts from 2012:


Fly Away Birdies

Birdhouse is doing well, but I STILL have not seen any birds in there!!! Course, it may be because I put parakeet, cockatiel, and parrot birdseed in there, and the birds visiting it would not be any of the above, but still! How picky can wild birds be?!

Also shot this beautiful butterfly which I think may be a Painted Lady. Maybe it would like a birdhouse to feed in.

  Creature Halloween Costume Contest

You know it's fall when you see the Creature Costume Contest! That's right, it's back, and for the first time on the blog! Here's how to enter:

Design a cute, scary, or uniqe costume and email it to and you might see it on the Coral Reef Island blog!

The deadline is Oct. 26.and the restrictions are:
  • No devil or witch costumes (basically anything Satanic is not accepted)
  • Preferably nothing with jewelry
  • Nothing skimpy (they're creatures, not toddlers in tiaras)
  • Nothing that wasn't fun to create :D
So what are you waiting for? Get creative!
Coral Reef's Shoe Line

Things-To-Do-Before-the-End-of-Summer List 2012
 Summer is here again, and the best way to start it off is with a things-to-do-before-the-end-of-summer list. So, here it is, my to-do list for this summer:

  • Go on a picnic
  • Plant a garden
  • Ride (bike) 3 miles
  • Have a Movie Marathon
  • Redecorate bedroom
  • Learn a classical piece
  • Workout every morning
  • Finish my dress
  • Write 100 posts on mon blog
  • Get 100 members on mon blog

And the most popular post:

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  1. If you clicked "fun"... you just got rick-roll'd! Better luck next time! :p

  2. Ha ha! That's hilarious!!! It's amusing to watch something on the web and find a random guy singing.