Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Oh yeah... and I'm thinking about discontinuing this blog. Carry on.


  1. What am I supposed to do if you do that?! There's not much else to do on the Internet.

  2. oohh reeeaallyy? Says who? You should be careful, though what you do on the Internet.

    I've seen things in my day
    and battled my way
    through the rough and empty world
    and what I found
    shouldn't still be around
    for many into sin it's hurled.
    Be careful my friend
    for in the end
    it's not how many followers you gained
    but rather it's for,
    and of this I am sure,
    how much good you've really sustained.

    which on some websites is very low.

    But I'll think about it.

  3. Noooo!! Please don't discontinue the blog!! We look forward to it...