Saturday, August 11, 2012

Creature Vacations: Vacation Destination Packages

The Creature Vacations Travel Agency has arranged a number of packages that members can choose from for their creatures. If you decide that you would like a package rather than a single destination, please inform us of that selection the moment you choose it. Such choices can be made once all of the destination descriptions have been posted, at which time we will inform members of the deadline (August 17) and encourage decisions to be rapidly made. If you decide on a destination or package right away, however, and decide not to wait for further destination descriptions, you can inform us of your choice at any time.

Packages include:
  • Bonus Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature more than one destination (beach, jungle, etc.) and are listed in certain destination descriptions (Example: the Anarctic snowy location/ the Anarctic desert).
  • Historic Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature ancient and modern tribes, ruins, and other histories regardless of destination (Example: The desert tribes, jungle tribes, beach ruins, etc.)
  • Wildlife Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature rare wildlife regardless of destination (Example: The jungle, desert, mountain, etc. with the most rare and remarkable wildlife).
  • Rest and Relaxation Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature and focus on spas and resorts regardless of destination (Example: Resorts from Tropical Getaways, Jungles and Rainforests, etc.)
  • Country-categorized Packages: Combines vacation spots that can be found in a certain country regardless of destination (Example: USA- featured vacation destinations may include a rainforest, beach, rocky coastline, major city, etc. Depends on what spots are offered in destination descriptions for the U.S.)
  • and More, once destination descriptions have all been posted.
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