Friday, August 17, 2012

Creature Vacations Deadline

Packages and Deadline

Creature Vacation Destinations must be chosen and we must be informed of decisions by 8:00 p.m. tonight (Aug. 17). Failure to do so in the allotted time will result in a canceled vacation. We can be contacted at, or you may leave us a comment to this post containing your selected destination or package.

The Creature Vacations Travel Agency has arranged a number of packages that members can choose from for their creatures. If you decide that you would like a package rather than a single destination, please inform us of that selection.

Packages include:
  • Bonus Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature more than one destination (beach, jungle, etc.) and are listed in certain destination descriptions (Example: the Anarctic snowy location/ the Anarctic desert).
  • Historic Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature ancient and modern tribes, ruins, and historic museums regardless of destination (Example: The desert tribes, jungle tribes, beach ruins, etc.)
  • Wildlife Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature rare wildlife regardless of destination (Example: The jungle, desert, mountain, etc. with the most rare and remarkable wildlife).
  • Rest and Relaxation Packages: Combines vacation spots that feature and focus on spas and resorts regardless of destination (Example: Resorts from Tropical Getaways, Jungles and Rainforests, etc.)
  • Country-categorized Packages: Combines vacation spots that can be found in a certain country regardless of destination (Example: USA- featured vacation destinations may include a rainforest, beach, rocky coastline, major city, etc. Depends on what spots are offered in destination descriptions for the U.S.)
  • Special Packages: If you want to combine certain destinations, but don't see a package that contains them, you can appeal for a special package with authorization.
If you have any questions about packages or vacations, contact us by the address above, or leave a comment describing your question.

One member will have their vacation described on the blog after the details have been sorted out. If you do NOT want to be included as a possible mention, contact us.

It is now up to you! Get your vacation info sent in!

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  1. Can i have a special package of Salar de Uyuni,Punta Cana,Paris, Chateau de Ranton, Mount Shuksan, Cote d'azur, and Olympic National Park? or at least the ones in France?