Friday, June 8, 2012

Be a Friend, Welcomes, and Look For...

Hello again, Creature fans! I just realized that I haven't been on for a week (although that's not exactly true since I was on, I just hadn't posted anything) so I better get started prepping for summer. So here I go, promising things that I may or may not get around to (as I've noticed I  have a habit of doing). Creature Vacations! I need to get going on that! I'll try to post some forms or something- no wait, that might not work. How's about if you are interested on signing up your creature for a vacation, you comment below saying "I am interested in signing up my creature for a vacation", and then I can email you the forms (if I know your email). If I don't know your email, then you email me ( saying that you are interested in signing up your creature for a vacation, and then I can get back to you. If you don't have a creature, then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?!? This is the Creature Club, baby! Send me an email saying that you are interested in getting a creature, and I will get back to you. All creatures are property of Coral Reef Island and are FREE! (until I go

Also, please welcome Samantha Denise to the "Friends of Coral Reef Island" association. She, like Emma, realizes that it is important to be "a Friend of Coral Reef Island", especially if you have a creature. I mean, come on, think of all the awesome benefits you get! ?

Apparently, according to msn, today is World Oceans Day, and we all know that in oceans around the world are... does anyone have a guess? That's right, Coral Reefs! So, to celebrate, look for the special Member Report regarding the preservation of coral reefs.


  1. Adorable picture!!!! I want to sign my creature, Flower, up for a vacation!! :0

  2. Yay! I would like to sign up my creature, Kaitlyn, for a vacation! :)

    P. S. "I mean, come on, think of all the awesome benefits you get! ?" Haha! How true!