Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Trip departure, puppy eyes, and cold shoulders (not to mention sneaky cats)

I probably won't be on here until Friday because of a trip, to which I am looking forward. Only problem: what to wear!!! Anyway, you've probably noticed the title change, so tell me what you think of it. You can see the coral reefs around the island.

The worst part of the trip is knowing what is probably going to be horribly upset. It's my first trip since getting Roland, and I'm curious as to what will be going on with him. Besides that, sis's #2 and #3 are going with me, and I think he personally prefers #2 over the three of us. So it is sure to be an interesting time for him.

Sassy is used to me leaving on trips, though it seems as if she gets a little melancholy when I pull out my duffel bag. Cats can understand what that means, and they often give a cold shoulder for a while if they figure out that you're leaving them. Too bad. She probably have a ball with Tan (mon house gecko), knowing that I won't be there to stop or scold her.

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