Friday, April 20, 2012

Good times, bad luck

IHC was awesome!!! My favorite part was the orchestra. When I got home, I was pretty much ignored by Roland (as I figured), but Sassy was begging for attention. I didn't give her any then, because I was going to put my bags in my bedroom. When I got back there, I noticed something was wrong. Where my mirror once stood was empty. I could see vacuum tracks on my carpet. Things were just slightly out of place. I go back to the living room and asked what happened to my room, though I didn't really need to. I guessed that someone had broken my brand new mirror and replaced it with another. Turns out that Sassy had been scratching on a box that held up the mirror (though I tell her not to all the time) and my mirror fell, breaking. It apparently startled both my mother and Roland, who immediately started barking.  So I ended up with another new mirror and a total of fourteen years of bad luck. Thanks Sassy.

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  1. Haha! ("Thanks Sassy.") :) IHC was awesome!