Friday, November 23, 2012

Pause for a Look at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving. You know what it is: Turkey, potatoes, green beans, and pumkin pie, pilgrims, Mayflower, Native Americans. But in all the hustle of fixing food, preparing for Black Friday, and buying Christmas trees, do we remember the true reason for Thanksgiving? The pilgrims landed on Plymoth Rock with one purpose: freedom. Freedom of what? Religion, from England, to live life the way they knew they should: in a way that glorified God. Many people died on the way to freedom. More people died than lived. Yet, when the harvest of corn had come in, the pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated. They celebrated freedom, the friendship with the Native Americans, and the life they had. They gave thanks and were grateful for what they did. Now, on this Thanksgiving, we have much more to give thanks for than the pilgrims did. So, while we eat pie, and get ready to barbariously stampede the electronics stores, (hopefully not) let's give thanks for all that we have. :)

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