Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Bloggers,

Welcome to my new co-blogger! When I am unable to post, Sammy will be stepping in as a replacement. I trust we will all welcome her with open hands (and paws). Her involvement on this blog is important as it shows that she is a trusted member of the Creature faculty-family (not to mention a continuous viewer and commenter), but also because it allows her to be involved here where she can't be in other places. Anyway, enjoy the new look (the old was getting rather boring, plus it wasn't accomadated to both of our fancies), and enjoy upcoming posts (even though I have NO idea what's coming. I think I might should be worried. And no, that was not a type-o).

Also check out "Zamy Says", the new temporary segment (I say temporary because it may change over the course of this bloghood). It highlights some popular sayings and some other stuff (or should I say will).

P.S. Did you know this was the 100th post?


  1. Awesome! Congrats to Sammy and can't wait for what is to come! Also, yay for 100 fabulous posts!

    *claps paws*