Thursday, August 2, 2012

Creature Vacations!!!

Despite the fact that I have been mentioning this for months now, there's no mistaking it this time... and here's the proof! Creature Vacations can now be scheduled!

Here are some possible destinations:

Sandy Deserts
  • See what deserts are on the travel list (Sahara and Mojave to name a couple) - coming up
    Snowy Landscapes
    Yes, Antarctica is definetely on the list

    Tropical Paradise
    Hawaii, anyone? + more
    Big Cities
    Ooh la la (for one)!
    Rocky Seashores
    East Coast, West Coast, European Coast?
    Ancient Castles
    Includes castles all over Europe!
    Tropical Jungles/Rainforests
    Amazon is definetely on the list!
    Towering Mountain Ranges
    For purple mountain majesties...
    Creature Vacation Transportation made possible by...
 Wait for upcoming updates on specific destinations. Until then, start planning!

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