Saturday, August 18, 2012

Creature Vacations: The Adventures of Kaitlyn, Flower, Peanut, and Sassy

Kaitlyn is on the Tail of the Sea Creature Cruise Ship, en route to Lake Malaren, Sweden. "This cruise ship is awesome! I love swimming in the private pool on a secret deck with my friends, Peanut and Flower. We're sailing from the Celtic Sea, through the English Channel to the  North Sea, to the Baltic Sea, where I'll get off at Sweden. How Swede it is!"

Flower is also on the Tail of the Sea Creature Cruise Ship, only she is going to Cote d'Azur, France. She writes, "I'm going to France! It's so lovely there! It's good to see my friends on the ship. We have fun exploring and finding all of the hidden nooks and crannies on all of the decks. Once we reach the English Channel, I'll take a plane to the French Riviera from Le Havre. Tres fantastique, non?"

Peanut is on his way to the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland, and is taking the cruise ship to get there. "I can't wait! Ireland is my most favorite place ever! The whole trip so far is so much fun. We play ping-pong, eat at fun cafes and restaurants, and read in a secret book club, and that is only the beginning! The ship holds so much more for us to do each day! Until next time, slan agat (that's 'goodbye' in Irish)!

Sassy loves Germany, so that is why her first destination is a small island called Pellworm in Germany. The Creature Cruise Ship is taking her there right now! "I like checking out the different little shops on the ship. They have cute boutiques, yummy cafes, and even a skating rink! My favorite thing to do is attend the needlework and crafting seminars they hold here. Auf Wiedersehen, from Sassy!"

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