Monday, July 9, 2012

Breaking News (that cat again), Bad Notes and Lack of Growths, and Cool Blogs

Bonjour! Breaking news to crazy cat fans! There has been a reported sighting of the under-the-bed dweller to the extended regions of living room! Also known as Sassy-finally-emerged-to-the-living-room! Even though it was only once. For about five minutes. But still.  She won't be happy to find out that Lilly's back...

Anywaaay... hope everyone had a good fourth of july. I must say that this week is sure to be a busy one.  And for all those interested in Creature Vacations, you can see different ideas for destination choices in the poll, though they are but a few of the possibilities.

As for my summer to-do list, I am making some progress. I am  currently learning "Clair de lune" on the piano and it is not an easy piece.  This is due to the fact that there are four or five flats, then a couple pages in (there are six pages), they change to sharps, then back to flats a page later. But I shall press on. The keys, that is.

Garden is still growing, minus the habanero peppers. I deeply regret to inform you (and myself, as I refuse to let them die such a cold and brutal death) that they are pushing up daisies rather than sprouts. But on the sunny side (which rotates with the clock), my other flowers are growing quite nicely, as well as the weeds that grow beside them (I find it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between the two).

And as for the attempted endurance per the bicycle, I realized today that I have enough endurance for three minutes, but I fall considerably short for my hopeful goal of three miles (someone find me a workout that works in two months!).

My bedroom got redecorated Saturday, but when I say redecorated, I mean I over-decored with a rating in the negatives. And no, it's not due to my obsessive recycling. It's due to my ever-reducing personal space. And to my ever-increasing cat space. Why need nine lives? Her best one is obviously now (and no, she doesn't read Joel Osteen. She'd have to find a new home).

Broken hearts on discontinued blogs... braids and brown boots, where did you go?! and happy hearts on new-found blogs (check them out in my blog list)- gotta love that bakerella!

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