Monday, June 11, 2012

Garden Progress, Brief Absence, and Canine-caused Feline Friction

Bonjour once again, faithful Coral Reef Islanders! Making good progress on my summer garden (I can already see sprouts a few days early!), and on my 100 posts (and for those who have figured out that it's too late to do just one post a day to meet my deadline, I have a solution. It's called try-to-sneak-more-than-one-post-in-a-day, which becomes even more difficult when I announce that I will be gone on a trip for like four days, and hence won't be posting. But, in the end, the brains will triumph.

In more depressing news, a VI member of my family has recently become a hermit. I'm not even kidding. Sassy will disappear so far underneath my bed that I can't even tell that she's down there (although that may be partially attributed to the fact that under my bed has "under the bed" syndrome, meaning it's slightly cluttered). The reason for her recent hermithood consists of four words: dog and dog's mother. Aka Roland and his mother Lily (or Lilly). They apparently have decided that they want to be the Bosses of the House, and Sassy stood in their way. So, doing as misled chihuahuas do, they barked that cat to the far recesses of the house, which to her was under my bed. Yay. She does, however, come out at night and occasionally during the day, though never goes farther than the bedrooms.  I have noticed that she has become (when she's not under my bed) even more docile and needy, and now even lays on my lap and everything. Needless to say, she has come a long way from the hiss-and-scratch Humane Society resident that she had been some five years ago.


  1. Maybe Lillith should come back to visit so that the thing will stay under your bed!

  2. You think Sassy's fat now, wait till she's been under the bed for 3 weeks! That cat needs some exercise (and no, I don't think it's something that "Lillith", aka the terrifier, can assist with)!