Friday, April 13, 2012

Creature Storytime

I am sooo excited because in two (saturday, sunday) days is the Titanic's 100th anniversary of its sinking. It is such a tragic story, and I feel myself pulled into it. It is even sadder when you hear the song "My Heart Will Go On". It makes me want to bawl.


One day, Zamy was cleaning the house. (For those who don't know, Zamy Villaine, pronounced Zam-E Vill- aine, is a human who adopted Creature, which is not to say your basic, everyday creature, but her name is actually Creature, and she is a creature.) Anyway, Zamy was cleaning the house, and when she fininshed, she realized that she hadn't seen Creature around lately. She asked Puppy (another adoptee, but this one's a dog) if he had seen Creature. "Uhhmmm, yeah. I tink she was floating around in the pikshur on that wall," Puppy points to the above picture, which was hanging on the wall in their living room (For those who don't know, Puppy is three, and that explains why his grammar is off. Besides that, he just likes annoying people with his bad grammar. Creature is two, and that explains her speech. She, however, is not a booger like Puppy, and therefore does not enjoy annoying people like Puppy does).  Zamy shakes her head, and keeps looking for Creature. Finally, though, she is forced to examine the picture more closely. Sure enough, she could just make out Creature, swimming blissfully in a clear, blue lagoon. Zamy rubs her eyes. When she opens them, she jumps back in shock, for now  Creature's face occupied the entire picture frame.  "Bon-jourey!" she squeaks, and pops out of the picture. Once Zamy revives, she exclaims, "What in the world do you think you were doing!?! You CANNOT go jumping into pictures! That's... impossible. I. M. P. O. S. S. I. B. L. E. "
Puppy giggles hysterically, and whispers something to Creature. Creature gets a confused expression on her face and asks, "What's imposseeboll?"
"Impossible, Creature (and Puppy), means that it can't be happening. It's not possible."
"It can too happen, Zamy. I just did it!" And with that, Creature jumps back onto the white sand, and would've jumped in the water, had Zamy not plunged her hand in and pulled Creature back out.
"Stop that, Creature! I don't want you getting lost in there!" But as she's saying that, Puppy leaps into the picture, runs down the beach, and slips on a coconut, all while laughing hysterically. Zamy drops her head in frustration, looks up at the ceiling, and then goes to get a glass of water. It's just another day living with Creature and Puppy...


  1. Haha! That was hilarious! (I want MORE!)

  2. So funny!! Too bad Sassy (Madame BunBuns) clawed up the picture (I think anyway).