Friday, March 2, 2012

When you're walking through the woods, and you see an abandoned golf ball, what do you do? Do you think, "Oh, someone around here plays golf", "Great Golfing Wilsons! Look at all that trash!", or "Aw, look at that poor golf ball! I bet it would like a nice home!"? If your answer was the latter, welcome to the Save the Golf Ball Association. Here, we treat golf balls like lost kittens and puppies, and provide them good homes and nice faces. You can adopt your very own golf ball by just walking through woods or empty fields. Just make sure that the golf balls really are unwanted (and not on private property) before you take them. You can have your very own friend to take wherever you go, and kids will love you for rescuing a golf ball in need!


  1. Amen! ;) What a great Association to support, I love how you treat each golf ball as a member of the family!

  2. Wilson looks soo cute with those flowers!!